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An Open-World, Top-Down Shooter · By r3sgame


Recent updates

Finally, after a few long months, NEXO QUEST Alpha is finally here! This version is to mainly showcase base gameplay, as it's pretty lacking in visuals or space...
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Devlog 4: Adding Effects
Welcome to yet another devlog for NEXO QUEST. This will likely be the last devlog before the prototype, so stay tuned for its arrival! Today, we're going to be...
Devlog 3: Creating Shops
Hey there! Wondering why there was no devlog for around a month? It's because of this godforsaken feature and its implementation. Why? NEXO QUEST is meant to be...
Devlog 2: Enemies, Guns, and Combat
Hey there! It's been a while since the last proper devlog, but that means there's a lot to discuss. In this devlog, I added enemies, combat, and health manageme...
General News for NEXO QUEST
Hey there! First off: NEXO QUEST is not dead. While working on Rotor Shift (Which you should definitely check out), I was slowly adding buildings, terrain, and...
Devlog 1: Art Styles and Towns!
Hey there! Welcome to the first actual NEXO QUEST devlog, where we will explore the development of the game's art style and first town. If you'd like to see a v...
Devlog 0: Introduction
The plan: Make an open-world, top-down shooter in a year. This is not a good idea, but I don't care! This plan originally started a couple of weeks before Hack...

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