Devlog 0: Introduction

The plan: Make an open-world, top-down shooter in a year.

This is not a good idea, but I don't care!

This plan originally started a couple of weeks before Hack FPS: Anniversary Edition launched, so I've had some time to lay out the basic structure of NEXO QUEST. The game will have multiple planets for the player to explore, with each having at least one passive town and one fortress. The town will have quests for the player to complete, and the player will have to clear the fortress and quests in order to move on to the next planet. Eventually, there will be some boss fights, special missions, and the game will be finished.

However, the main mechanic of the game will be that the player can change their gun's properties with a set of "chips" that can be obtained by looting chests spread around the different planets. I'm also planning to add exotic chips which give the player abilities that even the most formidable bosses would fear. However, these will be very, VERY hard to find.

Now that I've made a basic plan for the game, it's time to get started! Stay tuned for the next devlog.


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