Devlog 1: Art Styles and Towns!

Hey there! Welcome to the first actual NEXO QUEST devlog, where we will explore the development of the game's art style and first town. If you'd like to see a visual log of the development, check out the video above.

The First Few Minutes

Ah, the feeling of opening up a new project and creating the first parts of the game. It would make more sense to work on the game's basic code, but I wanted to play around with the art style. So, I started my endeavor.

Creating the First Art Style

After a few minutes, I decided to go with a Flat 3D art style. To do this, I simply set all of the materials to unlit and picked out a color palette from Each planet would have its own separate palette that would be used on each entity from that planet, so that the game would still have variety. I decided to start on a desert-like planet, as I had found a good palette for this.

Creating a Basic Town

Next, I started on the building aspect of the game. I wanted to start on this early, so that I would have a good idea of how to create high-quality structures. I decided to go with crooked, abstract houses, as they fit well with the art style. For props, I downloaded a Kenney asset pack and simply imported the models into the game.

Art Style Redesign

I was almost finished with laying the groundwork. However, I realized it was hard to deduce what objects actually represented, and the color palette was limiting, so I decided to scrap the Flat 3D art style. I kept the planet palettes, but I also gave each type of entity its own default set of colors to accompany the planet colors. I also used normal maps to give the buildings and ground more detail. Lastly, I added post-processing, and switched the rendering system in order to optimize the game in the future (NEXO QUEST will be open-world, so optimization is essential).

I finished! I still have much, much, MUCH more to implement, Next devlog, we'll be taking a look at how I implemented basic combat into the game.

Stay tuned!


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