Devlog 2: Enemies, Guns, and Combat

Hey there! It's been a while since the last proper devlog, but that means there's a lot to discuss. In this devlog, I added enemies, combat, and health management. If you'd like to see the game as of now, check out the video above.


I started by brainstorming different types of enemies. After countless minutes, this is what I came up with (Keep in mind, these designs will likely change):

  • Generic soldier: The standard enemy. They walk, shoot, and die with a single bullet.

  • Enhanced soldier: I know, very creative. They're just the normal soldier, but move faster, shoot faster, and have more health.

  • Speeder: These enemies have vehicles that can ram into the player and fire cannonballs (These deal serious damage, so watch out!)

  • Turret: These are stationary objects that face the player and rapid-fire bullets. Peek firing is crucial!

All of these enemies will increase in difficulty as the game progresses, so enhancing your abilities is a must!


One of the main parts of my game is the ability to collect a wide array of "chips" that enhance your weapon's abilities. First, I brainstormed chip ideas, which included standard shot, multishot, explosive, and rapid-fire. Next, I created a chip system that included each of the chip stats. This included fire rate, projectile type, name, and ID (These will be used later for organizing the chips you have collected). Then, I made the projectiles for each type of chip. Lastly, I added the ability to spawn projectiles depending on which chip is selected. The combat system goes as follows:

  • Left-click - Fire primary chip's projectile
  • Right-click - Fire secondary chip's projectile
  • Space bar - Activate special ability chip (This has not been created yet, and I'll make a separate devlog covering it)

The player will be able to select which chips go into the corresponding slots once they collect enough.

Health Systems

All of this is great, but what's the point if entities can't take damage? To solve this, I added proper collision detection to the player and enemies which checked for bullets. If they collide with bullets from the opposing faction, a certain value is subtracted from their total health. Once the health variable reaches zero or below, the object is deleted from the world. Simple, but effective. To top it off, I created a health bar for the player so it would be easier to check player health.

I hope you enjoy this devlog! A prototype for this game will be released soon, so make sure to sign up by visiting the r3sgame Discord.


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