Devlog 4: Adding Effects

Welcome to yet another devlog for NEXO QUEST. This will likely be the last devlog before the prototype, so stay tuned for its arrival! Today, we're going to be looking at the various SFX and particles I added to the game.


Implementing sound effects is easy, just tell the script to play a sound effect when an action is called. The hard part, however, is finding a sound effect. After a few hours, I was able to find some stock sounds that worked well enough. Along with this, I added a basic ambiance track so that the game does not sound creepy. Done!


Currently, enemies simply vanish from existence when killed. Let's change that! To start with, I added impact effects when bullets touch a surface. Additionally, I needed to add an explosion effect in order to accompany the explosive bullets. These were tricky to make, but they looked decent enough in the end.

...And that was pretty short. I don't want to add too much glitter to the prototype, as I'm focusing more on the core gameplay. In a couple of weeks, the prototype will be ready! Make sure to check out the r3sgame Discord for information on how to sign up (link should be somewhere in one of my many devlogs or bios!)

Stay tuned!


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