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Hack FPS is a First Person Shooter (obviously). Your objective is to hack enemies and use their abilities to get to the end of the level.


WASD: Move

Mouse: Look

Space bar: Jump

Left mouse button: Fire

Right mouse button: Hack

Pro Tips

  • Pay attention to the minimap to know where you're landing.
  • You can melee enemies by tackling them or hitting them with crates.
  • Hold two movement keys at once to gain more speed.

The game is free to download for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but there is also an extras pack with development images and videos to support the developer. Please keep in mind this game is in active development, so feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Skybase trailer: 

Updated 20 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date 53 days ago
Authorsr3sgame, Xenon Factory
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Low-poly, Parkour, Physics, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial


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Thanks for the video! The tutorial states at the beginning to hack an enemy by right clicking them.

I played your game on my channel


Thanks for the video! There are more types of enemies in the later levels.

good to know. I didnt get that far lol. Also it wasnt lagging out when I played,  I think that happened in the screen capture software.


can u play this: https://vpowertv.itch.io/ppongmaster


I will play all submitted games on my channel. To add your game to my list click here; https://mailchi.mp/0ae744471f47/i-play-your-itch-games

hacking to upgrade is quite a unique concept . Thanks a ton for creating and sharing this game. I felt making enemies more attacking makes it a bit more challenging. 

waiting to try some more gamies from u and all the best! 

Interesting game! It was quite fun to play.

Some notes:


- When you land after a jump sometimes the player bounces of the ground a tiny bit, it makes it feel like I have to wait there until the player is fully grounded, taking away from the game play.
~ This probably has to do with gravity and physics. Seems like a bug from jumping high.

- You can accidentally jump on walls. Most enemies you don't even have to bother with because of this. Some ramps give you enough lead way to jump over walls.
~ You could create invisible box colliders above it but that could also make it seem unrealistic. Try out the concept?

- When you shoot the bullet from the gun, the bullet does not instantiate at the tip of the gun, rather somewhere around it. If you move and shoot this becomes even clearer to where sometimes the bullet seems to come from your stomach. There also seems to be a delay between when you "click to shoot" and when the bullet actually fires.

- The final boss level is not hard. Just stand behind the balcony walls and jump to shoot, the missiles will never hit you. 
~ What would be cool is if the boss could destroy parts of the balcony, making it so you couldn't always hide behind the wall to shoot him. Also he only has a missile ability, making it very easy to predict.


- The controls felt a bit clunky, like you can move in mid air, making it seem like you're not perceptible to physics.
~ I understand the need for controlling where you jump to, but maybe there is a different way to do this without having the player feel like the game is breaking any laws of physics and gravity?

- You have a few jumping levels, the first few jumps are fun, but it becomes increasingly repetitive and boring to "long jump" 4-5 times just to finish a level.
~ You could find a way to keep people interested in jumping, or change up the level to where you have to jump to super high ground and through little holes, making it more intense rather than a big platform that is impossible to miss.

- Since we're on the topic of physics. The "gun/arm" does not move when you're jumping.
~ That is something you can add, making the player feel like he is jumping rather than just "walking in air".

- you can ignore enemies completely because they don't have good aim or high damage, so on levels where you promote the use of armour, I completely ignored it because it was more a waste of time than a helping ability. 
~ What could work is if you changed the enemy damage to where it's one or two shot dead. Also if the enemy bullets were faster it would also cause more problems.
~ You could even add deadly sniper enemies on levels with jumping to make it so that you couldn't always jump without killing the enemies first.

To sum it up: Very cool concept and has a lot of potential! I love the idea of stealing abilities! You could go really far with that. Has a lot of potential improvements (so does all games). So keep on the good work :) I love that you keep improving the game as well!

- Revaliz

Thanks for your feedback! I put the bouncing when you land as a way of feedback, but I'll see if there are any better ways to do that.

Controls suck


Can you please specify?


i mean try rigidbody movement like karlson

Hi i tried to play your game but i couldnt press the PLAY button because the title of the game was blocking it (my guess is that it is a resolution problem, my resolution is 1366x786). Maybe you should add an option to adjust screen resolution.


Thanks for pointing that out! I'll see what I can do to fix it.


Ok, you should be able to play it now. I made a resizable window and placed the button on top of the title if it's still buggy.

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Thanks for the update! Ok so i got to play the game and these are my thoughts: The game concept is very original because as far as i know there is not other game that has a mechanic similar to the ¨Hack¨ one. Also i liked the fact that there were some levels where you actually needed to use the power ups from hacking in order to progress during levels. However, i think the enemies dont represent a serious treat considering how easily you can avoid fighting them yet only killing the one with the upgrade you might need to obtain an specific power up the levels requires you to have. Also, there was a level in which you had to make a big jump with the purple upgrade and it was kind of hard to land because the white warp-point was too small and also the character has no shadow to indicate you where you will fall so you have to predict your landings. Finally, i think the boss was WAY too easy, even if it is the first boss you should make his projectiles faster and maybe spawn a Yellow enemy so you are forced to use that upgrade in order to defeat him. About the controls, i think they are ok but i didnt like the fact that the character auto-jumps when near a corpse from a defeated enemy. Overall, i think the game has a BIG potential that if you know how to take advantage of it it will become a masterpiece. 

EDIT: just noticed there is actually a yellow enemy in the final stage so yeah you should make the boss´s bullets faster hahaha


thanks for your feedback! You can use the minimap to see where you're landing.

Loved the concept of the game! I liked how the different enemies their different types of weapons.

Things I noticed while playing and am not sure if intended, I was able to kill the enemies by running right into them.

On level 9, I managed to skip a lot of the level due to a combination of bouncing right pass the enemies using the platform or taking a shortcut by landing on top of the walls and running by them.

Speed felt a little too OP against the boss. I just ran a circle around him while shooting.

Did not encounter any obvious bugs along the way. Can't way to see how this game will come out!

Thanks for your feedback! Running into enemies is a way to kill them, as sometimes it might be hard to shoot them.

loved the game there is some issues though enemies could shoot through walls sometimes and i couldn't hack enemies unless i clicked there torso also two my personal issues is that the other hacks other then yellow are too slow  and i think the pistol should kill a little later cause it does the same damage as the shotgun so it feels like the shotgun isn't a useful weapon that's all some positives of the game is that i really liked the hacking concept  and using yellow was really fun i liked the boss fight he should've had a bit more health though and i think it would be a really fun game to speed run

(1 edit)

Thanks for your feedback! The shotgun can one-shot enemies, while the pistol takes two shots to kill them.

(2 edits)

Ok, I've fixed the bullet phasing and speed issues. let me know if there are any other problems!

Loved the game and the ability to take over other bodies and enhance your skills =D Hope to see more in this game and best of luck!

from brackeys community

looks like my advertising payed off :)

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Hi. I played your game and included it in a video. It was very fun. :D I finished all levels and did not encounter any bugs. The game is so nicely made that it is difficult to suggest anything. If you want me to delete the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make similar videos every day. I will be happy if you subscribe. Anyway, I enjoyed playing your game.