Hack FPS Arena?

Hey there! It's been 40 days since the last update, but I haven't stopped working on the game, although I've focused on other projects.  I'm going to publish one last update for Hack FPS before the game's anniversary, with the most important addition being... 

(Drumroll please...)

An arena game mode!

This game mode will pit the player against 10 waves of enemies in one of six arenas. Each arena will have a theme representing one of the three chapters.

Other notable planned changes:

  • Major optimization
  • Cutscenes that zoom out of the player
  • Cel shading for the player, enemies, weapons, and props
  • Save system (The will now require players to complete the previous level in order to advance to the next level)
  • Character redesigns (These new designs will be revealed in a later devlog)

  • And more!

Hack FPS 1.5 will be released in early October. Stay tuned for more announcements, including a surprise for the game's anniversary!

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