Hack FPS 1.4 Planned Changes - Part 2

Hey everyone! Hack FPS 1.4 is a big update, so I'm placing the second set of planned changes here.

  • New soundtrack! Check out Millimedia Music for the new songs.
  • Color-coded bullets! Normal ones are yellow as usual, explosive bullets are orange, and sniper bullets are green.
  • Explosive bullets are now slower and take longer to fire.
  • Altered boss levels and designs (Missile Man's gun and appearance have changed, Warden's gun has changed, and both levels have been altered slightly).
  • And more!

1.4 will be released once the new soundtrack is fully finished. Keep an eye out for when it's ready!

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missiles should be nerfed


ok ill make them take half health


In fact ill make all explosions only take half health