What's Next?

What's next for Hack FPS?

After 1.5, there's not much left to do in terms of polishing and bug fixes. As a result, I'm going to release a paid DLC!

When will this DLC release?

This content will release around the game's first anniversary, which is around late October. Because of this, the DLC will be titled Hack FPS: Anniversary Edition.

What will be in the DLC?

Around twenty levels, some of which can be requested by players. If you'd like to request a level, join the r3sgame Discord, which can be found on the game page. It will also feature character bios, downloadable art, and a custom soundtrack player.

This will likely be the final addition to Hack FPS. After almost a year, it's time to move on.

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So in a couple levels the text just, dissapers, espessialy 3-8, so fix that please other than that its good. (Im sorry i cant spell apparently)

You might wanna make some higher quality ui assets as a small patch because they look a little bad tbh

Do you mean the ingame ui in 1.5? The ui is like that to fit the post processing