Devlog 3: Creating a Cursed Trailer

What happens when you mix laziness, AI, and the desire to be "quirky?" Something that would be slightly similar to this strange trailer. If you came here for actual marketing help, you may or may not be in the right place. It's quite subjective.

I figured that I needed to make some sort of content that's actually related to my game in order to get an audience. However, making good content is overrated. I also needed an announcement trailer. Why not be funny instead of hardworking and force encourage AI to do all the work for me?

The Video

If you've spent at least a minute looking at this game, you've probably also realized that Rotor Drift uses an advanced Machine Learning AI that's easily adaptable. I think you can see where this is going.

  • Make an automatic camera system
  • Force Encourage the AI to show the gameplay instead of recording manual driving
  • Edit the generated clips

It's that easy!

The Audio

Who actually makes trailer music? Not me! Music is one of the things I struggle the most with. Instead of taking the time to learn music theory, it's a much better idea to get an AI to do it! For this, I used OpenAI's Musenet algorithm to generate a quite frightening sample. All that was left to do was drop it into the editor, export, and upload.

Instant views.

Next devlog, I'll actually be doing something that's worth my time. Stay tuned!

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