Devlog 10: Burnout


Recently, I've been feeling a bit tired of working on this game. I feel like there's too much I need to add (Better controls, filled maps, etc.)

So, I decided to loosen up the schedule for my game a bit. Instead of constantly releasing updates and news, I'm going to work on smaller projects and occasionally sprinkle in new content for Rotor Drift. I think this more lenient method of working on this game will lead to higher quality content, leading to a better final product (Even if it takes longer).

Also, I'm going to slightly reduce the scope of the game. Instead of having a huge selection of tracks and vehicles, I'm going to only have around 5-10 maps, but with many objectives to do in each one. This could include placing a certain position or completing the track in a certain amount of time.

I hope you understand my decision. Game development can be hard, and I need to clear my head before getting more updates out. Expect some smaller games on the way, however!


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