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Rotor Drift is a steampunk racing simulator for Windows, Mac, and Linux that is currently in development. If you'd like to catch up on the game's progress or become a playtester, consider checking out the r3sgame Discord.


Do you think you have what it takes to become a racing legend? Rotor Drift will put your driving skills to the test. Using innovative technology that records actual players, Rotor Drift offers a challenging AI in every race.

Choose your propellors, engines, and model, then take it to career mode, where you can build your reputation as a driver and master track after track.

Once you're ready, you can participate in tournament mode, where you'll compete in several races with the goal of beating out your opponents.

Rotor Drift will also offer a quick race mode, where you can compete with friends and foes for the gold with any unlocked tracks and parts.


  • W: Accelerate
  • S: Reverse
  • A/D: Steer
  • Space Bar: Brake
  • Escape: Forfeit

Pro Tips

  • Slow down while turning to make sure you don't crash or spin out.
  • If you flip over, don't panic. Stay still and your vehicle will flip upright in a few seconds.
  • Racing is NOT a contact sport. Do not attempt to crash into other drivers.

Good luck!


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Rotor Drift Beta 0.2 (Latest) - Windows 64-bit.zip 56 MB
Rotor Drift Beta 0.2 (Latest) - Windows 32-bit.zip 52 MB
Rotor Drift Beta 0.2 (Latest) - Mac.zip 65 MB
Rotor Drift Beta 0.2 (Latest) - Linux.zip 63 MB
Rotor Drift Beta - Windows 64-bit.zip 54 MB
Rotor Drift Beta - Windows 32-bit.zip 50 MB
Rotor Drift Beta - Mac.zip 63 MB
Rotor Drift Beta - Linux.zip 60 MB
Rotor Drift Alpha - Windows 64-bit
Rotor Drift Alpha - Windows 32-bit 47 MB
Rotor Drift Alpha - Mac 59 MB
Rotor Drift Alpha - Linux 56 MB

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Great Game


Trailer is very interesting! Steampunk racing game with PS1 style!

Thanks! I haven't really decided on an art style yet, but I think having a ps1 art style would be a good choice.