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"Congratulations on your new position as an (unpaid) intern for Crazed Corps, the world's only delivery service! Take this package to the Castle of Kingdom Krazed using the space-time manipulation abilities of your brand-new suit. Good luck, and don't die. That would be sub-optimal for our PR."

In case you haven't noticed, Crazed Corps!! is a fast-paced (and intriguing) precision platformer that is currently in development.

The (totally not predictable) catch? Your abilities change across a level, also known as phase shift. Use this continuum glitch to efficiently beat the stage.

  • Traverse the poor urban planning of Kingdom Krazed
  • Escape from package thieves, war criminals, and egotistical knights
  • Utilize enemies for movement using space-time powers
  • Spend countless hours grinding for the fastest route time
  • And most of all... find out the true meaning of package delivery

Again, this game is still in very early development. Join the Crazed Server!! to be informed on updates and become a playtester... or don't. I'm not forcing you to.

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