Act 0: Development has Officially Started?

(TL:DR; I finally decided to make a game page for Crazed Corps!!, a very concerning platformer. You should check it out.)


Around late-2022, I decided to start working on a new project after a series of utter development failures (though I managed to surpass 10k downloads, so it wasn't too bad). Since I'm apparently like 90% of developers who suffer from scope creep, I decided to tone it down a bit with the graphics and gameplay - that means I needed to be utterly generic and go with a 2D platformer.

But it turns out 2D platformers don't get a lot of attention. Unless you make it, you know, actually good. This is the part where I said "screw it" and designed a prototype for a janky movement system with even jankier collision and levels.

Surprisingly, it worked! I published this mess of a project only to find out that people don't tend to care about half-finished prototypes. Because of this, it's now my mission to fully finish this game and get it out for you to (hopefully) enjoy. I've already planned out several game mechanics, assets, and levels, which will be revealed in the next few devlogs.

Preview of some of these; check media (you could always just look at the main page as well):

  • Space-time manipulation platforming
  • Chicken-headed bosses
  • Overpopulated city stages
  • Levels that constantly change your abilities

However, you only get to see these in their full glory if you stay tuned. So do it.

Also, join our insanely active community if you want to see the madness unfold in real-time. Or if you want to play the game in its current state. That's it for today; get out.

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