Welcome once again.

After sharing my game on Reddit and the Crazed Server!!, I realized that people don't like generic platformers. I should have expected that. To fix that, I'm going to show how I created Crazed Corps!!'s main selling point: phase shift.

Uhh... What?!

Here's how it works: throughout each level, there are several "zones" the change the player's properties upon being entered. This could include:

  • Speed
  • Jump height
  • # of jumps
  • Invincibility
  • Gravity

I almost forgot: it can also spawn hazards like spike rain, giant lasers, and even mini-bosses. So beware! As you can tell, this feature is going to make this a not-so-average platformer (and very chaotic).

But... how?

Through extremely inefficient means.

If the player touches a "phase shift zone" (I haven't actually made a sprite for it yet), they activate the phase. If they enter a new zone, the previous one deactivates. Simple. Except for the fact that I need to write ENTIRELY NEW CODE WHENEVER I WANT TO MAKE A NEW PHASE.

Some inefficient code here.

That's a lot of if statements, by the way.

Anyways, after setting up a bunch of conditions and colliders, it's now possible to activate phase shifts. You can tell by looking at the thing below. Running into the cool Godot icons doubles your speed! Great gameplay!

If you want to experience everything this broken mechanic has to offer, join the Crazed Server!!. Very simple. Now, move along.

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