We're back.

I somehow managed to keep a consistent post schedule with these devlogs... glad to see I'm not disappointing (just kidding, I am).

Anyways, last time I spoke, I was simply describing what I wanted the game to look like - an insane, fast, and unconventional precision platformer. Today, we're actually implementing. Pretty cool. First off:

Basic Movement

Since I want the game to be FAST, we needed to make the character fast. Unfortunately, I needed to consider acceleration, top speed, deceleration, and other weird physics stuff. I got most of the parameters down the first try, but the player accelerated way too slowly (and decelerated even slower), ruining the test build and resulting in a stern talking-to from the Crazed Server!!...

But, eventually, we got it down.


I advertised this game to have space-time manipulation powers, so I might as well add that. Essentially, by pressing SHIFT, you can teleport a few units left or right. If you're in the path of an enemy, you can destroy it and be launched upwards. This is meant to be the main method of platforming, and it's actually pretty disturbing if you think about it (you're inside of an enemy for a brief moment).

After the test build (and lots of shaming), I also decided to add an attack reticle, which you can see down here.


Basically the same thing as teledash, but downwards. Yeah, not very interesting.

Auto Cannon

Because we're definitely not copying a certain blue hedgehog, I needed to copy the orange ring. Introducing: the auto cannon (I need a better name)! If you touch it, you go in the direction it's facing. Simple!

Spike Shooter

Third to last, we have the spike shooter. This is a specialized device engineered by Kingdom Krazed to ward off intruders (even though you were hired by them). You may have noticed that levels are filled to the brim with standard spikes, which implies that the kingdom paid a private company to carefully extract these natural resources and stuff them into a glorified assault rifle...

Enough with the questionable lore. This thing just shoots spikes in a set direction. If you touch it, you die.


Yet another upward mechanic (now that I think about it, my game needs more horizontal movement... but I guess there's speed). Simply touch the zone, and up you go! This makes for fun obstacle avoidance challenges and serves as a great tool for when I get too lazy to make platforming challenges.

Lastly... PHASE SHIFT.

I haven't actually implemented this, so if you want, you can leave. However, for those who actually care, I want this to be the main "gimmick." Every level will have zones that change your speed, jump height, number of jumps, dash length, and other attributes. This makes the game NOT like the 1000+ other 2D platformers on the market, and also forces players to stay on their toes.

However, I haven't actually validated this mechanic, so if you want to leave feedback on it by insulting my game development skills, do so at the Crazed Server!!.

That's all for today, so go away now.

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