A New Feature - Cheats!

Hey there! Along with the special stages, jukebox, and bios, there will be one more anniversary-exclusive feature: Cheats! These can be enabled or disabled and will grant you special abilities.

What abilities will be available, you may ask? Here they are!

  • Super Speed - Grants the player the ability to zoom across the level, regardless of their current color.
  • Super Jump - Grants the player the ability to jump with the power of a jump pad, regardless of their current color.
  • No Reload - Grants the player infinite ammo, removing the need to reload.
  • Invincibility - Grants the player invincibility from bullets, explosions, and touching enemies, but not lava or the void.

I hope you enjoy this new feature. Stay tuned for Anniversary Edition's release!

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you should add aimbot too that would be funny


The aimbot would have a seizure snapping to a target because of the sheer amount of enemies

snap to closest enemy