Planned Levels for Anniversary Edition

Hey there! Hack FPS - Anniversary Edition is in its final stages, so I wanted to summarize the levels that will be in the expansion. If you want to see a preview of these stages, check the images above.

  • Alt. Level 2 - Remember when Hack FPS got corrupted near the beginning of development? This is a recreation of Level 2 before the corruption.
  • Alt. Level 3 - This is the same concept as Alt. Level 2.
  • Insane Man - Missile man, but insane! He now has more health and a much faster firing rate.
  • Moving Platforms - A feature that was created by one of the game's contributors, TheLegendary1248.
  • Jumbo Poles - Inside poles that can house rings, enemies, and even other poles!
  • Jump Pad Elevator - Traverse several floors using jump pads.
  • Body Platforms - Use dead enemies to traverse the lava. This may be a bit buggy, but it's an interesting concept.
  • Towers - A series of narrow towers that are occupied by enemies (Tip: Use the jump ability). 
  • Flooded City - A completely new area! This probably won't become a full chapter, however.
  • Epilogue - What happened after you defeated the Warden?

I hope you enjoy these level concepts! Make sure to get Anniversary Edition when it launches. Stay tuned!

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